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Originally conceived as an acoustic record, ‘Unbroken’ morphed into a full production project once we dug into the songs.

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Broken - The Batbus Demos


These songs were chosen from a stack of about 25 songs all of which were recorded as ‘demos’.

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Lonely in America

Released January 2012

As a songwriter and oft producer of my own recordings, the challenge for me has always been to get the kind of energy out of a studio performance that I seem to be able to muster live. To that end, I once again tried a few new ideas this time around.

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No Angel

Released August 2009

I wrote the majority of this record in 2 weeks. 3 weeks later I was in Rhinebeck with my friend and producer Paul Antonell where we decided that we’d cut this record much like the last one – every song off the floor with live vocals and limiting ourselves to only 3 takes. In every case on this new album [and incidentally, Neil, true to your belief that the first take is always the best...] the tracks that made the record were and are the first takes – without exception!

Love That Shine

Released July 2007

I’ve been fortunate to have recorded 6 records in my career, "Love That Shine" being the 7th. I’ve also been blessed to have had some friends play on this record that happen to be some of the best musicians anywhere.

Love Do The Talkin'

Released July 1998

Dean's first "label" release, and features 13 songs written or co-written by Dean Batstone. Several tracks were pulled off of Deans earlier C.D.'s, re-worked, re-mixed and re-mastered, and several new tracks were recorded as well, making this a strong representation of his career to date.

Sounds Like Blame

Released June 1996

This CD features 12 original songs written or co-written by singer/songwriter Dean Batstone. Making a return appearance on this record is famed Woodstock, N.Y.-based Drummer/Producer Gary Burke (Bob, Dylan, Joe Jackson, Shania Twain), who's joined by Canadian fiddle champion Louis Schryer, veteran steel/dobro player Al Bragg and others.

A Christmas Gift

Released December 1995

Produced by Dean Batstone, this C.D. contains 3 original tracks in the spirit of Christmas, and was produced and marketed to raise money for the socially and economically disadvantaged in Dean's Ottawa, Canada community.

On the Outside

Released February 1993

Produced by Gary Burke, this C.D. features 13 tracks written or co-written by singer/songwriter Dean Batstone. Described as one of North America's best "undiscovered" songwriters, he is backed by world-class musicians Gary Burke (Drummer-Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, Shania Twain), Hugh Macdonald (Bass player-Bon Jovi, Cher, Alice Cooper), Ed Roynesdal (Keyboardist-Joe Jackson), John Platania (Guitarist-Van Morrison, Don Maclean, Nathalie Merchant), Tom Teeley (Guitarist-Joe Jackson) and others.