Batstone keeps his music simple, honest

by John W. Barry - Poughkeepsie Journal

With his close-cropped, white hair, styled with a retro feel and a nod to the early 1980s, singer-songwriter Dean Batstone looks like he could be Sting's younger brother.When I run into Batstone around the Hudson Valley at various concert venues, he is amped up, his internal fuse box is humming, his switch is on. He seems always ready — for something.

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What Does American Radio Have to Say

A Canadian singer-songwriter with a handle on the bruised yet resilient American psyche...

Rick Heysquierdo KPFT Houston, TX

There are great singers and songwriters who are huge stars and then there are great singers and songwriters who should be huge stars. File Dean Batstone in the latter category, play his music on the radio and then wait for the former to happen.

Jimmy Buff, PD/DJ, WDST Radio Woodstock

Dean Batstone..Magnificent singer song writer! Dean's songs bring you on a trip called life. Haunting, charming, wonderful

Sonny Rock WRIP 97.9 FM

Dean’s songs feel good like a summer breeze and yet present reality staring you in the face.

Chris Weink, WEXT Albany

Dean is a prolific songwriter. These are songs people can relate to, not to mention the memorable music. I look forward to hearing new songs from Dean again and again.

The Winner of our Spring 2010 Tennessee Concerts Song Competition is Dean Batstone

by Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson)

Dean Batstone is a folk/rock troubadour for the baby boomers and music fans of all ages that like a rich, distinctive voice voice and well crafted story songs.

His new CD, No Angel, weaves a seamless tapestry with his gentle, soothing voice and his easy way with some fresh and timeless melodies. Adventurous arrangements, and above all his ability to write lyrics which, though often personal, have a universal appeal, engaging both the emotions and the intellect.

I am a panel judge for this competition and became a fan of Dean immediately when I heard the Canadian native's strong songwriting, singing and collection of top shelf players that all are well credentialed in any circles. Like myself he put down the clarinet at a young age to be able to play louder and amplified.

Dean fills the shoes of Harry Chapin in my world, and impresses me as not just a charismatic singer with great songs, but a full blown artist. Playing South of his homeland he will no doubt catch up with that recognition that is always elusive in your own hometown. JJ Cale says do what you do best and let your audience come around to you. Congratulations Dean!

Dean Batstone "No Angel"

by Rob Riendeau - The Humm

The album is a confident, mature offering from a performer who has been working on his craft for over 2 decades.

It was reading Neil Youngs biography “Shakey” that inspired Dean Batstone’s approach to recording his latest CD No Angel. In an attempt to capture the fragile magic of the musical moment, Dean and co-producer Paul Antonell decided to record every song “off the floor with live vocals and limiting ourselves to only 3 takes. In every case on this new album (and incidentally, Neil, true to your belief that the first take is always the best...) the tracks that made the record were the first takes - without exception.” The result is a truly honest and engaging record that features some great songwriting. Every song is a wonderfully collaborative performance by some very gifted musicians with moments of brilliance but no over-the-top flash.

It is really no surprise that Dean has produced such a strong recording; what is surprising is that he is not better known locally. As a professional musician with over 6 CD’s to his credit (and 2 out-of-print LPs), he has an impressive collection of material out there, but local recognition is still elusive. He lives in Almonte but only plays in this area occasionally. His career is largely south of the border where several independent radio stations have picked up the first single from the new disc, Lay Me Down. His recent stint opening for singer/songwriter Shawn Colvin has helped bring his music to a receptive new audience.